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Sunday, June 27, 2010 ♥
@ 8:17 PM

I doubt anyone else will come and look at my blog anymore,
It's like dead for . . . . . Months?!
Laughs. Anyway,
I got rid of my 香菇头 and I'm no longer branded 惊世骇俗丑不拉叽香菇头!
Though it's the same,
It's been three years, and I kept waiting,
And waiting, and waiting, and waiting.
School is starting again for me, and this time,
I will work harder and harder,
Just to not disappoint my loved few and myself. ^^
Lets just work hard together everyone. (:

WOOSA: 1)I like you because you are you. 2)I like you because I know you since i'm 15? 3)I like you because you were once my girlfriend! 4)I like you because when I'm sick, you will get some sushi or porridge to my house and just watch me eat. 5)I like you because you have a wicket heart towards some, but a sweet smile when facing me. 6)I like you because you beat me and said that beating means care. 7)I like you because you will laugh when i showed you a middle finger and said scolding means love. 8)I like you because you will try to drink "my" mushroom soup when i feed you, even when you are already full. 9)I like you because you like all my cooking, though i know it taste awful. 10)I like you because you will let me wash your hair for you. 11)I like you because you are the first one to ever bring me to K-Box to sing songs. 12)I like you because you will come to my bed when I'm asleep and I will have a certain feeling, and i will wake up. 13)I like you because you sent me a birthday card, indicating that I'm a lobster. 14)I like you because you saw a book and the author was named Larry Crab, and start questioning whether I'm a lobster or a crab! 15)I like you because when I am moody, you will pick up flowers nearby and try to make me happy! 16)I like you because you are the one who makes my blog looks so nice. 17)I like you because you will find me even though you need to be home early. 18)I like you because you will give me a surprise although i kind of expected it. 19)I like you because you told me I was the first guy to celebrate our one month together. 20)I like you because you told me I was the first guy to ever buy you flowers. 21)I like you because even though the flowers are rotting, you still don't bear to throw the flowers away. 22)I like you because your head is smaller than the lollipop. 23)I like you because you are fairer than any other girls I've seen. 24)I like you because we were once Audi couple. 25)I like you because you say that guys who say their girlfriends are cute, are not good guys. 26)I like you because you will try to forgive me after a lot of things had happened. 27)I like you because you just have the power to stay in my heart for so long, that even last week when i talked about you to Kolyn, I went crying. 28)I like you because till now, you are the only one i wanted to sit with on the Singapore Flyer. 29)I like you because you will come to my God-Mother's shop and think she really is my mother. 30)I like you because you are weird when you are sick, you will tell me its cold outside the air-con room, and it's hot inside the air-con room. 31)I like you because you are the only that can get me so worried after hearing you are sick, and made me come to find you straight away even though i was tired and having slight fever. 32)I like you because your warmth of your hug will never be forgotten. 33)I like you because you felt happy after I told you I'm investing on you. 34)I like you because you said that no one is going to love me more than you do. 35)I like you because you will be angry, sad and jealous when other girls ask me to be their boyfriend. 36)I like you because you don't like the sun as well. 37)I like you because you don't like strawberries, and it is so rare that girls dun like strawberry. 38)I like you because you don't like to get into the water, other than bathing and raining. 39)I like you because you are angry at me because me and Diane once joked to bring you to the swimming pool for sun tanning and feeding you with strawberries as they are all what you don't like. 40)I like you because you asked me not to run to the MRT when you are already reaching. 41)I like you because you are the first girl that I took neoprints with. 42)I like you because we went to arcade not to play, but to stone! 43)I like you because you want to introduce me to your friends, though I'm super shy! 44)I like you because we will take cab home even though it is just a 5 minutes walk. 45)I like you because I can invest my money on you! 46)I like you because you will think for me and try not to let me waste money! 47)I like you because you will bring sweets in your bad and i will steal them to eat. 48)I like you because you drew a page full of my character! 49)I like you because you will try not to let me see the paper, though I know what it was.
Most of all, 50)I like you because you left me with no other girls that i can fall for anymore.

I hope you only have 50 pieces of puzzle for them to piece them altogether. ):
Well, its 50 already! 49 more to go! And it will be harder to continue. :(

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